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Will Angels’ Share By Killian Make You Smell Confident?
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Will Angels’ Share By Killian Make You Smell Confident?

Will Angel’s Share By Killian Make You Smell Confident?

Angels’ Share by Killian is a very fruity, rich cognac tempered by the oak woodiness scent. It is drenched in a buttery sweetness and also gives a hint of cinnamon spices. The opening can give you the impression of caramel, a spiced apple with a boozy bent, darker and sweet-tempered one as an oak blended with the cognac. It is more of a gourmand scent all through it. 

By Killian has listed these notes very simple as tonka bean, cognac, and oak wood. Its elaborate description noted the cognac oil with a blend of oak absolute, tonka bean absolute, and cinnamon essence. 

Why Angels’ Share By Killian Will Make You Smell Irresistible?

This is more of a piece of art than perfume for most people. It is like a holy grail that will probably be the best smell you have from anything else. It is a warm boozy apple pie in a bottle of the best perfume for men. 

It is a masterfully blended formula that is so good that it will leave one around you speechless. It has a silky and smooth cognac coming out of a rather aged oak barrel, and all wrapped beautifully in a transparent yet noticeable veil of roasted peanuts, sweet praline, and warm apple pie just fresh out of the oven. 

Its longevity is long enough to enjoy this beautiful blend of scents. Kilian perfumes are known for their long stay on the skin, which is as long as 10+ hours. It is downright irresistible and alluring. Even if you are not that much about boozy or gourmand fragrances, you still will be shocked when you see women’s reactions at how divine you smell wearing them. 

This is why it has been known as one of the best perfumes for men. It has acquired this place by constantly wowing its wearers and its smellers with the irresistible formula it has in its built. 

Like a spirit ideally aged in oak barrels, this perfume is so good that you can almost sip it. It’s the reaction most people give to this beautiful scent once they get the chance to smell t. 

What Makes Angels’ Share By Killian Stands Out?

This Kilian Angels’ Share is selling the top best perfume for men and has been on top of the lists since then. Its heavenly vanilla and praline base keeps us on our toes to wanting more of this intoxicating fragrance. Several perfumes were released after being inspired by this perfume, giving it the right boost to be enjoyed by many. 


Whether you feel angelic or are just in your mood to smell rather irresistible and naughty, this potion has covered you all. This is why Angels’ Share by Killian is no doubt one of the best perfumes for sexy men. It is attractive, irresistible, perfectly blended, 10+ hours long stay, and perfect to switch your mood from no to a yes for anything the day/night brings. You will surely buy packs of this concoction for the rest of your life once you smell it and try it on. 

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Its magic will swoon you off your feet, and you will see what the world of scents is all about. Here’s to more good-smelling days ahead!

Angels’ Share by KILIAN feat. French Montana – Limited Edition

Courtesy of Angels’ Share by Kilian

Angels Share by Kilian Rating
  • By Killian Rating - 69 Reviews
  • Fragrantica Rating - Based on 3,546 Votes
  • Parfumdreams Rating - 3 Reviews
  • Sephora Rating - 461 Reviews
  • Etsy Rating - 281 Reviews
  • Nordstrom Rating - 29 Reviews
  • Cult Beauty Rating - 130 Reviews
  • Bloomingdales Rating - 24 Reviews


The Perfume: Much like a Master Perfumer who crafts accords and essences in a perfume, a Master Blender combines the eaux-de-vie in perfect proportions for an exceptional cognac. Angels’ Share contains the essence of Cognac derived from the liquor to lend it a natural caramel color. A first-time collaboration with French perfumer Benoit Lapouza, the perfume Angel’s Share is Kilian Hennessy’s most personal fragrance creation yet, inspired by his eighth-generation inheritance of Hennessy savoir-faire in cognac making. The perfume goes deep into the cellars of founder’s mind and memory, and into its most mysterious dimension: “la part des anges” or “angels’ share”— an evaporation of liquor in oak barrels that lifts, while aging, like a silent offering to the gods.

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