Why Valentino Uomo Intense Will Make You Smell Irresistible?

Why Valentino Uomo Intense Will Make You Smell Irresistible?

When you think of Valentino Uomo Intense, Valentino, ruffles, studs and the infinity of all of the mixed textures might be the first element of any design that comes to mind. With a knack for pushing all the limits with its accessory and clothing designs, the brand made a beautiful transition into the world of scents while always staying true to the identity of the fashion world. After all, any scent is one of the top accessories you may wear. 

Every scent under the name of Valentino is unique in its own space, getting inspiration from the brand’s Italian roots of trendsetting. The first thing that Valentino scents all bear in common is that the fragrance bottles are an ode to haute couture which feature all of the iconic rockstar studs. 

Consider the overall design as any bridge that draws the connection from a brand’s legacy of being an edgy fashion house to its current status as a pull to be reckoned with in its designer fragrance world. 

Why Will Valentino Uomo Intense Make You Smell Irresistible?

It is inspired by the experimental and intimate attitude toward all of the scents: Valentino interprets the art of scents layering for the current day. Valentino Noir Absolu Oud Essence may be worn all by itself but has also been specially composed to explore layer combinations in a wider world of all fragrances by Valentino. 

Longevity, Sillage and Versatility:

Projection-wise, it isn’t that strong, but it hits some great level. It may be right around the original Como strength. Its longevity is for 6-8 hours, based on the day. Not being amazing, but it won’t quit on you that early s well. Again these fragrances work great. 

Wait until you whiff this very intense rendition of the good old Voce Viva scent. Bursts of tones of jasmine are added to the heart of its amber floral to boost the addictive profile of the real fragrance. This is a flowery, woody, and also sweet in nature perfume with some subtle pops of vanilla and citrus. If you are searching for a clean or slightly powdery version of Voce Viva, choose Vice Viva Intensa. 

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In overall impression, Valentino Uomo Intense is one of the perfumes most gents enjoy a lot. It is truly one of the best Valentino perfumes for men. The opening of this Valentino perfume is a part that is great for your long days, either indoors or outdoors. The face of this perfume is French actor Louis Garrel, and its original bottle’s refined design stayed the same. It is coated with darker shades of the color grey.


Valentino perfumes for men are just your ideal pick to make your days better and to smell good when you are going to a party or have a busy day for work. The heart notes also include an elegance of the iris absolute and the tonka bean, which is laid on the base of vanilla bean and black leather. 

This is why Valentino Uomo Intense is favored so much and is also irresistible. It would be best if you had this perfume with you when heading out to make your first impressions or going ahead to make your usual office job day.

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