Types Of Waistcoats And How To Choose The Right?

Types Of Waistcoats And How To Choose The Right?

Waistcoats for Men

Ever since the influence of waistcoats for men became stylish fashion, designers have been creating different styles and cuts to meet the needs of men for different occasions and events. Not all men wears a waistcoat on daily basis but once you master the art of wearing a waistcoat, your appearance will change to a new dimension. Here is a list of some trending and best waistcoats for you to choose:

Types Of Waistcoats

  • The Classic Waistcoat

The Classic waistcoat is popularly known as single-breasted waistcoat. They are normally designed with 3-5 buttons but are also available with 4-8 buttons. The lower part is normally pointed and not straight which gives a slim look around the torso.

  • The Windowpane Waistcoat

As the name suggests, it got its name because of the checked pattern. The windowpane waistcoat has been popular since long time and a lot of gentlemen wears it formally. The pattern is designed in rectangular shape instead of squares to give a taller look on the wearer.

  • The Double-Breasted Waistcoat

Double-breasted waistcoat is more formal than the single-breasted waistcoat. The bottom part has a straight cut with 3-4 buttons. This type of waistcoat has lapels that are either indented or as a shawl to give a more sophisticated look. See how a Double-Breasted Waistcoat is made and cut here, with Head Cutter Tom Mahon

  • The Low-cut Formal Waistcoat

This type of waistcoat is the most formal choice which is normally cut lower than the other types of waistcoat. The waistcoat is designed to replace the cummerbund with an open space for shirt studs, pleats, or bibs and so on.

How To Choose The Right Waistcoat

The Classic waistcoat can be worn on different occasions with or without coat or jacket. It can be a casual or business look. If you are looking for a waistcoat that is very formal and elegant at the same time, opting for the window pane waistcoat is the right choice. For a traditional and formal look, the double-breasted waistcoat can be a right pick for you.

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If you choose a low-cut waistcoat, always wear it with a black tie or bow. Reserve this waistcoat for formal dinner or events.

Besides choosing the right waistcoat, consider the following points for a more vibrant and chic look:

  • High Quality Buttons
  • Matching Fabric
  • Matching Color
  • Measurement and Size

Whether you are buying a full suit or a single piece waistcoat, you can either have them straightforward or fancy. Your waistcoat should fit you like a glove and should be comfortable.

Waistcoats – A Small Guide With Niklas from Vintagebursche

Courtesy of Niklas from Vintageburshe
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