Types of Ties and How to Choose The Right?

Types of Ties and How to Choose The Right?

Ties have been a staple for fashionable men since the start of the 20th century. It was made to be a mandatory part of the uniform in many jobs and professions. It is also a go-to piece of fashion in the business world, as it brings an immediate aura of professionalism

A gentleman always has an excellent collection of ties. Ties hold the capacity to elevate even the most basic looks and make the wearer look extra classy. The rules of dressing are becoming more relaxed with each passing day and ties have evolved from being a custom to a fashion choice.

Here are five types of ties and how you can add them to your everyday looks!

1) The Seven Fold Ties 

As the name suggests, this tie is folded seven times. It is made from a square yard of silk. This tie does not have a lining but it is quite thick. Because of this thickness, a really nice knot can be formed with ease. This tie is great to wear at formal events and special occasions!

2) The Skinny Neckties 

These ties are exactly what their name is. They became extremely popular in the 1950s and 1960s when famous bands like the Beatles wore them on stage. They have held their popularity even in modern fashion, and skinny neckties are great to wear for the office, or even to a night out. Not only that but they can be worn even with casual jeans, for an edgy but still chic look.

3) The Bow Ties

A bow tie is perfect for standing out at a formal event. They can be perfectly paired with a seersucker suit. Bow ties are very versatile and can be worn every day and at cocktail parties as well.

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4) The Four In Hand Neckties

This is the most common type of tie. It is an office staple and also doubles as a go-to for formal occasions. This tie is had in multiple choices in terms of colours, widths, material and pattern. Additionally, there are a number of knots that can be made to add some versatility to this tie!

5) Ascot

The Ascot gets its name from being worn on race day at Ascot Racecourse. This is a dressy tie that is typically pinned, as opposed to being tied in a knot. It can be worn on formal occasions, however, it is important to know that some military uniforms do prescribe a Cravat. 

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Courtesy of Ashley Weston from Mens Fashioner
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