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Types of Shaving Brushes & How to Choose The Best?
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Types of Shaving Brushes & How to Choose The Best?


How to Choose Your Shaving Brushes

Picking a shaving brush is as important as picking the right razor for the task. Most men prefer picking suitable shaving brushes as they know that it is the key to getting a smooth and close shave. There are so many shaving brushes that differ in size, material, and bristle types; here is a grooming guide for picking the right one. 

Types of Shaving Brushes:

For the type of shaving brush, you can start with their shape. There are four common shapes of shaving brushes that are:

  • Bulb, which is the most common shape having a rounded top 
  • The fan is the one in which all hairs are on a similar length when the machine cut is done 
  • Flat top, which is ideal for face lathering. Its hairs on the centre are shorter than the edges so that it appears flat when it bloomed. 
  • Hybrid is a mix of fan and bulb shaving brushes having a flat surface and a rounded shape on the edges. 

How To Choose The Right Shaving Brush?

To pick the right shaving brush, you must also know the different terminologies used for these brushes. These terminologies are given below with their definition:

1. Backbone:

The brush backbone is the word used to describe the resistance of the brush when pressure is applied. All users come with their preferences, and it mostly serves as an indicator of the bristles’ coarseness. The harder its backbone is, the rougher it will be on your skin. 

2. Bristle Spray:

When discussing splay, you often comment on how bristles spread when the brush is pressed down over a surface. This mostly considers certain factors such as loft, the density of know, or the backbone. 

3. Bristle Loft:

The loft is then used to measure bristles’ length. It is the measurement between the handles top onto the top of the bristles. Longer lofts may give wider splay, while shorter lofts are less desirable for many people. 

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4. Knot Diameter:

The knot diameter in shaving brushes is an overall measurement of where these bristles are tried together. It is mostly hidden by the handle but may also be carefully pulled out so that it is measured with callipers. They are also measured in the unit of millimetres. Anything under this or beyond might lose its functionality. 

So these are a few factors that determine types of gentleman’s shaving brushes and define how you can pick yours. You can also use some tips from experts to pick which shaving brush may go for ideal usage. But again it all depends on personal preferences hence you can go on with all types of brushes if they suit you. 

The handle of these brushes also come in different shapes and sizes, and this is also a particular factor in helping people decide what suits them the most. Which of these options do you believe you will use to pick a shaving brush for your everyday need?

Overview of Shave Brush Types with Jason Goncalves
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