Types of Polo Shirts & How to Choose The Right One?

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History Of Polo Shirts

We can trace back the history of polo shirts to 19th century. Worn by the British Indian army, they were named Polo after the game that originated in India. In 19th century, polo shirts were thick and long sleeved. They were of cotton and looked quite identical to other shirts except for a critical difference. The collar had buttons to prevent them from flapping when galloping on horseback by buttoning them down.

Polo Shirts of 21st Century

There are several polo shirts out there made by different brands, so how do you decide which is the best that suits you? The good news is that polo shirts suit every body type. They allow  individuals to highlight parts they wish to showcase and subtly underplay others which they are less keen to enhance. In short, there is a polo shirt out there for every individual.

How To Choose The Polo Shirt

The choice of the shirt you select depends on the fabric, color and your distinctive style of wearing shirts. Guide to finding the best Suiting Polo here.

What Fabric Suits Your Body

It is extremely vital that you choose the fabric which goes with your body type before buying a polo shirt. Piqué cotton is a form of cotton in which the yarn has a slight ribbing in it. For people on the heavier or wider body type, piqué cotton polo does suit the best. The textured cotton falls on the body in a way that does not accentuate the less flattering areas of the body.

For someone who is less body conscious, is on the lean body type, then cotton or blended cotton polo shirts are best suited. These polo shirts are soft and offer greater comfort  compared to piqué cotton polo shirts.

Color of The Polo Shirt

The general thumb rule for polo shirts is to stick with solid colors. There is a huge array of colors when it comes to buying polo shirts. Your first few polo shirts should be solid colors such as black, navy blue or dark gray. It is best that the color of your polo shirt compliments your skin or hair color.

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Tuck It In Or Leave It Lose

A lot of men in various sports wear polo shirts. If you are wearing not a sportsperson, then its best not to tuck it inside your trousers or jeans. If you are wearing a jacket with your polo shirt underneath then you must tuck it in.

In a nutshell, polo shirts are for everyone regardless of their age and gender. So go out there and buy the polo shirt and show your best to the world.

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