Types of Men’s Shampoo and How To Choose The Right One?

Men's Shampoo - Types of Men's Shampoo and How To Choose The Right One?

What’s a good shampoo for men?

Buying shampoo can be confusing when the basics of men’s shampoo is a bit uncertain and the industry overwhelm you with fancy buzzwords. Strengthening, hydrating, thickening, colour-safe, and all those other options you get bombarded with are surely a big deal when a loud marketing campaign is always around you. 

How to choose hair shampoo for men?

Looking for the right shampoo can make you feel like you have hit a hair jackpot. And this doesn’t have to be the head game if you know exactly what you are searching for. This brief grooming guide will tell you about men’s shampoos at the end to know what you should use to make your hair healthy and nourished.

Types of Men’s Shampoo

  • Shampoo for normal hair 
  • Shampoo for curly hair 
  • Shampoo for dry hair
  • Shampoo for oily scalp

1. Normal Shampoo:

As its name already suggests, normal hair is what a normal and easy to maintain hair should be. It must be shiny and healthy ultimately. You should know that many men would like to kill to have such hair if you have such hair. Normal hair is soft, easy to comb, shiny and supple. 

Hence, such hair doesn’t need to get strong shampoos. You can go for soft organic shampoos that have easy to read labels. You can even go for mild powder shampoos, which are enough for cleaning your scalp. 

2. Curly Hair Shampoo:

So if your hair is mushy, muffy or hard to comb, you wash it daily, but the greasiness still doesn’t end? You are probably one of those individuals who need shampoos to keep your hair healthy and enough to soothe the sensitive scalp. Hence, buy calming shampoos that will calm your scalp, try banning shampoos with silicon sulfates, and get soft organic compositions to soothe the greasy scalp further. 

3. Dry Hair Shampoo:

A man having dry hair is not uncommon at all. If from the outer side, it might imply that it’s necessary to buy shampoos that can hydrate your scalp. It would help if you did not get strengthening, volumizing or fortifying shampoos. These items can strip the scalp from any moisture needed for your hair to look good. 

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4. Men’s Shampoo for Oily Scalp:

Hair shampoo that gives your hair suitable hydration is needed for this scalp type. Look for the labels that say strengthening, volumizing or balancing in it. These products won’t make your hair greasy but will retain enough moisture needed for your scalp to be healthy. 

These are the shampoo for men used widely already, and you can find all of these types anywhere in local stores. Shampoo for curly hair men or straight ones can be found easily, and you can start using them in your daily life. 

These are the types of gentleman’s shampoos that you should invest in and find the suitable fit that will nourish your hair as much as possible. Shampoo for men is made to suit your hair and get along with your scalp instead of working against it.

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Courtesy of Ashley Weston from Men’s Fashioner
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