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Types of Men’s Knitwear & How to Choose The Best Style
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Types of Men’s Knitwear & How to Choose The Best Style

Types of Men's Knitwear & How to Choose The Best Style

When it comes to fashionable outfits, men’s knitwear is one of the most essential purchases a guy can make during winters. And if you are tired of wearing the same t-shirts & Jeans or the usual suits, knitwear is the next best thing. Finding a nice piece of knitwear takes effort, time and style. So to make it easy for you, here is a guide on the types of knitwear and how you can choose the right one. 

Looking for more clothing combinations of how to choose and wear your knitwear? The right man to keep an eye on for great style and neat outfits is Rowan Row, also pictured in top of this guide combining a knitwear turtleneck with a suit. Go to Rowan Row’s Instagram and follow him for for more inspiration.


The V-neck is unquestionably the most adaptable of all knitwear alternatives. They go well with everything from jeans to trousers and may be dressed however you like them. They are available in a wide range of colors, material, etc. and are soft, comfortable and stylish. 

Roll Neck Jumper

A classic roll neck provides the foundation for so many winter ensembles. You cannot underestimate the adaptability of this knitwear essential, which can be worn with everything from basic denims to trousers and pants, or even beneath a suit.


The cardigan is a terrific alternative if it’s not quite chilly enough outdoors for a coat, but you still want an extra layer below. Cardigans are a sophisticated alternative to pullover sweaters and can be worn to house parties. 


The turtleneck is a knitwear that totally covers your neck in a warm and elastic knit material, keeping you toasty. A dark-color, well-fitted top-notch turtleneck sweater should be a mainstay in every man’s wardrobe-worn with black, it will make practically any man appear thinner, taller, and more elegant. It may be worn with a suit, a sports jacket, or on its own. Turtlenecks were something during the 80s, but after that everyone was over them. But like everything else, they have made a comeback in the fashion industry, and a strong one. 

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Crew Neck

The crew neck sweater is the most dominating of all knitwear types in terms of what it displays of the apparel below. The benefit here is that what you wear below is unimportant as long as it cannot be seen. They are the most common types of knitwear and are popularly worn casually. Men usually have these in different colors and fabrics. 

Zip- Up

These are the really popular ones. They are perfect for you if you don’t like sweaters or jackets because they are none. A must for every man in their wardrobe, because these often go with everything and can be worn casually. They are modern and have a unique style. 


Knitwear is something that every man should own or at least try once. If you are looking to wear them for a high-end party or casually, knitwear are cozy and stylish. Hopefully with the help of this guide, you will know what knitwear will suit you the best.

Styles of Sweaters & Knitwear for Men with Marcel Floruss

Courtesy of Marcel Floruss from One Dapper Street

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