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Types Of Jeans & How To Choose The Best For You
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Types Of Jeans & How To Choose The Best For You

Types Of Jeans And How To Choose The Best Pair

The perfect jeans are like a treasure in your wardrobe. Jeans are some of the best items to create your own fashion style and have a more casual look, to tone down a full suit outfit or just to get the attention grabbing look that will make women turn heads when walking down the street. If you’re not sure on how to choose the right jeans that fits properly for your bodytype and style, here’s a few tips to help you choose the perfect jeans for your body.

Most important, make yourself feel comfortable, buying the new trending design style doesn’t necessarily mean the right choice, if you feel good seeing yourself in the mirror, your choice will shine through in your confidence, which will be the best choice, women will be more interested in your confidence, than the latest fashion style of your jeans.

Types of Jeans

1.     Regular Fit Jeans – Regular fit jeans have a large leg opening and are mid-rise. This is a classic style in a straight line from hip to thigh. The jeans are worn by men who are neither too fat nor too slim.

2.     Slim Fit Jeans – Slim fit jeans are always confused with skinny jeans. They are neither too tight nor too loose, and suit the men with slender body frames. These jeans will have more space on the thigh area. Slim fit jeans offer both style and comfort.

3.     Skinny Jeans – Skinny jeans flow down tightly from the waist to ankles. Men who are short and slim can wear jeans.  They highlight the legs and make them look longer.

4.     Loose Fit Jeans – These jeans are suited for fatty men with large body frames and big thighs. It has a very baggy and relaxed fit with a lot of breathing space for your legs.

5.     Low Rise Jeans– The distance between the crotch area and waist is measured by the rise of any jeans. The rise 12 inches on regular pants. In low rise jeans, it is 8 inches and in some radical patterns, it is 3 to 4 inches. It is often worn by skinny people as a style statement.

6.     Tapered Fit Jeans-Tapered fit jeans are tapered towards the ankle but comfortable and relaxed around the butt and thigh area. They are a good choice for those who are not comfortable in skinny or slim fit jeans.

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7.     Distressed Blue Jeans – Distressed blue jeans are very popular today. These are made with a technique called sanding, where the sand is put on the fabric, resulting in holes and rips in the denim. The tattered look gives it a cool and casual look.

8.     Stonewashed Jeans – Stonewashed jeans are also called faded jeans or acid-washed jeans. These jeans are treated with potassium permanganate, pumice stones and other chemicals to get the faded look. It is extremely popular and worn as a style statement.

9.     Boot Cut Jeans – Boot cut jeans are an ideal balance between a slim cut and a straight pair of jeans. The jeans’ circumference widens around the ankle area but flows in a straight line. This is suitable for men with slightly heavier thighs with thin body frames.

10.  Stacked Jeans – Stacked jeans are lengthier and stop a few inches below the ankle, causing them to stack above the knees. 

How To Buy The Perfect Fitting Jeans For Your Age & Body Type.

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