Types of Cufflinks and How to Choose The Right?

Types of Cufflinks and How to Choose The Right?

The Essential Jewellery for a Man

Cufflinks are one of the best accessories for any man who’d like to show real style, it’s one of the essential must have jewelleries just after a timepiece or your luxury watch. Cufflinks are worn with formal shirts and also with semiformal ones. You need to know how to use the cuff links in the right way, so they make you look dashing.

What are cufflinks?

Cufflinks are an alternative to shirt buttons at the cuffs. Instead of buttoning the shirt at the cuffs, you can use cufflinks. They look more attractive and come in different types. This allows you to choose different cufflinks for different occasions.

Types of cufflinks

  1. Chain link cufflinks: It is the traditional type of cufflinks that are seen on both sides. The chain should be inserted through the button hole to fix the links.
  2. Button or stud cufflinks: These cufflinks are small and fit perfectly. Fixing them requires a bit of effort.
  3. Whale back closure cufflinks: The cufflinks come with a ‘whale tail’ that needs to be flipped back and then closed to secure it. They are easy to manage.
  4. Bullet back cufflinks: These cufflinks are popular because of the ease of use. The bullet can be turned to lock and secure the cufflinks. 
  5. Locking cufflinks: It features a locking system similar to a clip. The cufflinks look attractive and are very secure when locked.
  6. Silk knot cufflinks: These cufflinks are made of yarn. They are durable and good for daily use.
  7. Fabric cufflinks: Made from fabric, they can be used for informal occasions.

Cufflinks are made from different materials, including gold, silver, glass, mother-of-pearl, and precious stones. You have plenty of options to choose from.

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Choosing the right cufflinks

  • Choose the cufflinks that contrast the shirt you are wearing. If you are wearing a white shirt, choose gold cufflinks that are contrasting.
  • If you are wearing striped shirts, then choose the cufflink color to match the stripe color. This creates a balanced effect.
  • Gold cufflinks or mother-of-pearl cufflinks are best suited for black tie events where you wear a tuxedo.
  • Another useful tips is to match the cufflinks with your socks color. Pair the cufflinks with the color of the socks you wear. This is a subtle match that looks stylish.
  • You can also match the cufflinks with the tie or with the pocket square.
  • Matching the cufflinks with other accessories, like for example a ring is a good idea. 
  • Check for the overall effect, so you look stylish. That is more important than trying to ensure a perfect match. 

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