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Types of Blazers & How to Choose The Best For You
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Types of Blazers & How to Choose The Best For You

Types of Blazers & How to Choose The Best For You

How to Choose the Right Blazer for You

Every man must have a large collection of blazers in their wardrobe. A blazer is something that can jazz up any look. Hence, Blazer is the only thing that can make you look fascinating. It is the best alternative for the days you are bored with suits.

Blazers are called odd suits because they don’t pair with the same colored trousers. However, a blue Blazer can certainly make you party-ready in seconds. Hence, a large variety of collection of men’s Blazer has come into fashion now that can give you a classy, modern, and more subtle look that every Gentleman crave.

Styling of Men’s Blazer

There are two types of men’s Blazer available in the shopping stores for styling purposes.

The first one is a single-breasted Blazer which normally comes with one, two, or three buttons. They are appropriate to pair on every occasion, be it a date night or formal wedding function, and they provide a cozy, easy-breezy feeling.

Double-breasted Blazers are, on the contrary, made with more fabric and give a very formal look. They come with two sets of buttons. But, if you can put it together with the right shade of trousers and accessories, it can give you a very compelling look.

Types of fabric that are used to make a perfect Blazer

When you are in a shopping mall or at your local tailor, you can discover plenty of fabrics used to make different types of Blazers. While one type of fabric suits a kind of occasion, the other is opting for something else. It would be best if you chose thoughtfully.

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  • Wool Blazer: This kind of fabric used Blazers are more prominent for autumn and winter. They keep you warm and, along with that, make you look attractive. You can find a vast range of vibrant colors in this range that can give you a more formal and semi-casual look. 

           You can choose a more neutral color, such as a light brown, or to make it quite out of the box,  you can choose burgundy.

  • Linen Blazer: The fabric linen is so comfortable to wear that it makes the Blazers perfect for summer. You can find some timeless colors like blue or beige in this fabric, which are classic and a treat for your wardrobe.
  • Velvet Blazer: A velvet Blazer will make you look fancier and luxurious. If you pair it with slim-cut trousers and a pair of Chelsea boots, it can change the lookbook perfectly. You can twin it with a white or gray formal shirt too.

For any Blazer jacket, you buy, look at their fitting first, and then don’t forget to look at the length. In this manner, your choice of Blazer is going to be the best.

3 Types Of Blazers Every Man Should Own with Mens Fashioner
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