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Types Of Belts And How To Choose The Right?
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Types Of Belts And How To Choose The Right?

Types Of Belts And How To Choose The Right?

Your choice of belt can make or break your look. Belts used to be just functional accessories meant to hold up your pants, but the choice of belt in today’s fashion era, can make a big difference of how people see you. Your choice of belt will even have an influence of how serious people will take you and how things ends up with whoever you are meeting, be it on a date, a casual day or a business meeting.

Most men often don’t give it many thoughts before purchasing their belts. And there is more to a belt than just its functionality. Here’s a few basics of how to choose the best belt for you.

Know Your Belt

A belt can be classified as formal or casual.  A wide belt falls under the category of a casual belt. A narrow belt is seen as a formal belt. Formal belts have a smooth and subtle surface. The patterns in formal belts are subtle. Belts are available in different materials like suede, leather, or canvas. 

Picking The Correct Belt

1. Your belt should match your shoes

As a thumb rule, your belt should match your shoes both in material and color. This means that suede shoes go best with suede belts and leather shoes look good with leather belts. Both shoes and belts should be in the same color. Avoid this pairing if you are wearing white shoes. White shoes should be paired with a black belt. A black belt can come to your rescue if you don’t have a matching colored belt.

2. Belts should match your outfit

As explained earlier a casual belt will go well with casual outfits like cargo pants and light denim pants. Narrow belts work well with dark denim, chinos, and dress pants. 

3. The correct size

It is important to remember that leather belts tend to stretch a little with use. Buy a belt that is a couple of sizes larger than your waist size. Purchasing a belt much larger than your waist size will leave you struggling with a belt tail. 

4. Your use

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If you tend to use your belt regularly it is better to purchase belts that are stitched and glued. Belts that are only glued tend to wear out easily. A superior quality leather belt with a strong metal belt buckle is your best bet for daily use. 

5. Good Quality

Even among leather belts, there are many variations like faux leather and belts made of cowhide, ostrich, crocodile, alligator, and lizard skins. Full-grain calfskin leather belts are of the best quality. 

6. The Buckle

Buckles are available in various styles like frame-style, plate style, box frame, snap, and D-ring or O-Ring style. The frame style is the most preferred style. Other styles are more popular in casual belts. 

A Guide To Choosing The Right Belt with The Dapper Side

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