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The Watch Craftsmanship & Elusiveness Inspiration

The Watch Craftsmanship & Elusiveness Inspiration

Patek Philippe - The Watch Craftsmanship & Elusiveness Inspiration

A watch is probably the most important accessory in a gentleman’s life. Watches represent the person, personality, taste, area of interest, and last but not least, it gives an idea of one’s success and achievement.

Choosing a watch for your needs might be an enjoyable process if you look for something unique that you want to build a story behind. The purpose of a men’s watch is of the utmost importance. Why not travelling to the Manufacturer’s Maison or Salon to hear the story behind the watch you are about to choose, or personally meet the Traditional Master Watchmaker that created your piece of art? Or to a watch exhibition?

A History of Exhibitions and World’s Fairs

Manufacturers like Patek Philipe and Breitling have museums or better called “Temples to Watchmaking”. The museum of Patek Philipe houses over five centuries of watchmaking history into two important collections of true legacy and the world’s foremost horology museum. It could be a great place to get inspired before picking up your new timepiece.

Choosing your next watch or your craftsmanship and elusiveness collection?

Breitling Founders Squad

The great classics are usually mechanical watches and represent the horological art with excellence. Another type is those watches with the hand-winding two-hand watch and “standard” complications with functions like an annual calendar or second-time zone.

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The automatic watches introduce a rotor that rotates at the rhythm of the owner’s wrist, and therefore is they wind up when the person is in motion.

Mechanic watches tend to be some of the finest and greatest due to the work involved in creating sprockets, shafts and springs, all synchronised so that the timing is correct and accurate, apart from being handmade by high-tech machinery makers, and the Masterful Artisan Craftsmanship goes hand-in-hand with the use of modern, high-tech machinery – the timepiece.

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