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The Blond, One of New York’s Best Hotel Lounges
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The Blond, One of New York’s Best Hotel Lounges

The Blond, One of New York’s Best Hotel Lounges

The Blond at 11 Howard Hotel, a Chic Lounge” is a sophisticated and stylish establishment located within the 11 Howard Hotel on Howard Street in New York City.

It serves as a lounge and bar that offers an intimate and upscale atmosphere, featuring plush velvet furniture, dim lighting, and unique artwork. The lounge is known for its chic and alluring ambiance, with an emphasis on design, art, and a vibrant social scene.

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The Blond at 11Howard Lounge

Located on Howard Street in the heart of New York City’s vibrant Soho neighborhood, The Blond at 11Howard Lounge offers an intimate and stylish escape for those seeking a unique social experience. Known for its upscale atmosphere and chic ambiance, The Blond has garnered attention as a potential destination for urbanites and travelers looking to unwind in a distinctive setting.

Elegance in Design and Ambiance

Upon entering The Blond, guests are welcomed by a dimly lit interior adorned with plush velvet couches and antique mirror columns. The design combines rich textures and subdued lighting to create an atmosphere that exudes a sense of sophistication. The lounge’s aesthetic leans towards an upscale and mature vibe, providing a suitable backdrop for various occasions.

Artistic Touches and Unique Features

The Blond’s attention to artistry is evident through its curated selection of statement artworks. Pieces by Dan Attoe, including sculptures and paintings, contribute to the visual appeal of the space. A standout feature is the collection of bronze-faced statue heads by sculptor Charming Baker, adding an element of intrigue to the lounge’s décor.

A Diverse Social Scene

The Blond is often described as a hotspot for both locals and visitors looking to enjoy a night out. The lounge’s intimate size fosters an environment where guests can mingle and connect with ease. Depending on the evening, the lounge’s ambiance transforms: from quiet conversations over cocktails to vibrant nights with DJs spinning an eclectic mix of dance-centric music.

Convenient Location

Situated in the midst of the energetic Soho neighborhood, The Blond is well-positioned for those exploring the surrounding attractions. The lounge’s proximity to Little Italy and Chinatown adds to its allure, making it an appealing option for an aperitif before heading to nearby restaurants or art galleries.

Arrival and Seating

For those interested in visiting The Blond, it’s worth noting that the lounge operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, except for larger parties that may require reservations. To ensure access to the lounge after 10 pm, reservations are recommended.

Alternatives To The Blond at 11Howard

here are some alternatives to The Blond at 11Howard Lounge, each offering a unique experience in different cities or neighborhoods:

Bar 54 at Hyatt Centric Times Square (New York City, USA):

  • Located in the heart of Times Square, this rooftop bar offers panoramic views of the city skyline.
  • It’s known for its vibrant atmosphere, creative cocktails, and stunning vistas.

Skybar at Hotel Unique (São Paulo, Brazil):

  • Situated on the rooftop of the iconic Hotel Unique, Skybar provides a modern and luxurious setting.
  • Guests can enjoy views of São Paulo’s skyline while sipping on signature drinks.

L’Avenue at Saks Fifth Avenue (Beverly Hills, USA):

  • Combining fashion and fine dining, L’Avenue offers a chic and upscale experience.
  • It’s a favorite among shoppers and those seeking French-inspired cuisine.

Ozone at The Ritz-Carlton (Hong Kong):

  • As one of the highest rooftop bars in the world, Ozone offers breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour and the city.
  • The space is known for its elegant design, creative cocktails, and luxurious ambiance.

L’Absinthe Bar at The Elysian (Chicago, USA):

  • Nestled in the vibrant River North neighborhood, L’Absinthe Bar offers an intimate and cozy environment.
  • It’s renowned for its extensive selection of absinthe and classic cocktails.

Skylounge at DoubleTree by Hilton (Amsterdam, Netherlands):

  • Overlooking the historic city center, Skylounge provides a stunning view of Amsterdam’s canals.
  • It’s known for its relaxed atmosphere, cocktail menu, and trendy crowd.

Café Gray Deluxe at The Upper House (Hong Kong):

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  • Offering panoramic views of Victoria Harbour, this upscale lounge is known for its modern design and creative cocktails.
  • It’s a popular spot for both travelers and locals seeking a sophisticated setting.

Rooftop Bar at The Standard (Los Angeles, USA):

  • Situated in downtown LA, this rooftop bar features a pool, vibrant decor, and a trendy crowd.
  • It’s known for its eclectic cocktails and events.

Le Perchoir (Paris, France):

  • With locations in different parts of the city, Le Perchoir offers stunning rooftop views of Paris.
  • Guests can enjoy a range of beverages and a laid-back atmosphere.

The Rooftop Bar at The Standard (New York City, USA):

  • Located in the Meatpacking District, this rooftop bar offers a trendy and energetic atmosphere.
  • It’s known for its unique events, stunning views, and diverse crowd.

Remember that each of these alternatives has its own distinctive features, ambiance, and appeal. The choice will depend on your preferences, the city you’re in, and the kind of experience you’re seeking.

The Blond at 11Howard Hotel

Dress to impress before entering The Blond, it’s one of New York’s best hotel lounges and chic nightclubs facing Howard Street in SOHO.

You’ll meet a light and open bar that transforms throughout the day. The Blond is a chic lounge and club to kick off a night in New York. Dark woods, subdued colors, low lighting and gold accented bar seduces you with an edge to the space.

You’ll experience DJ’s that spin an eclectic mix of dance-centric genres while disco balls are glowing with an inviting red light. The lounge environment at The Blond perpetuates a unique nightlife experience giving you extraordinary moments away from traditional lounges and nightclubs.

Tailored Rotating Cocktail

Looking for award winning bar experiences, The Blond is the place, with rotating cocktail tailored to celebrate seasonal flavors and bar bites crafted by the award winning French restaurant LeCouCou will satisfy most cravings. Thirsty for more experiences in New York, here’s more to explore and do in NYC.

The Blond and More Great Places to Visit at Howard Street, New York


In Conclusion

The Blond at 11Howard Lounge offers an ambiance that blends design, art, and social interaction. Its unique features, curated artworks, and stylish décor create an atmosphere that appeals to a diverse range of visitors. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening or a night of dancing, The Blond’s intimate setting in the heart of Soho might be worth considering as you explore New York City’s social scene. As with any destination, experiencing The Blond firsthand will allow you to determine if it aligns with your personal preferences and desires.

The Blond, 11 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013

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