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The Best Espresso Lounges & Excellent Cafes in Monaco

The Best Espresso Lounges & Excellent Cafes in Monaco

GLM The Lounge - Espresso Lounges & Excellent Cafes in Monaco

The historic principality of Monaco is known for its opulence. Whether you’ve been gambling at a casino, or have attended the Grand Prix. Maybe you’ve just gotten done with a yacht party, you probably need a place to unwind with a hot cup of joe. Where do you turn except the bustling cafés of Monaco for Espresso Lounges? Nothing screams indulgence like sipping a hot espresso by the French Riviera

Café de Paris Monte-Carlo

Place Du Casino, Pl. Du Casino, 98000 Monaco

This upscale brasserie is located within the Salle Empire in Monaco. The chic terrace allows for al fresco dining while you take in the hustle and bustle of the hotel and casino below. While they offer all day dining, prior bookings are mandatory and the Mediterranean menu features dishes curated by renowned chef Franck Lafon. The Espresso noisette is one of the menus highlights. 

Casa del Caffe

25 Av. de la Costa, 98000 Monaco

Who knows an espresso better than the Italians? This Italian run joint located off the Av. De la Costa features a menu including pastas, apéritifs and delectable selection of fresh pastries. All food is freshly made, and the espresso has been described as being the best found outside of Napoli. The cafés furnishings are spartan but feature a large outdoor dining area.

Bar-Tabacs des Moulins

46 Bd des Moulins, 98000 Monaco

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Another Italian gem located in the heart of the haute couture district of Monaco. If you’ve got sore feet from all the shopping, this is a great place to unwind with a quick bite. The place is run by Italians and the menu is mostly café standards and finger foods. It does also have a full bar and as the name suggests, also sells cigarettes. So if you want to turn that espresso into an espresso corretto, this is the place to do so. The café is spread over two floors, yet is often packed, so a bit of a wait time should be expected.

Pasticceria Cova Moulins

19 Bd des Moulins, 98000 Monaco

What sets this apart is its ever-changing weekly menu based on the fresh local produce available. They pride themselves on their coffee which is a blend of seven single origin beans. The tea is not to be scoffed at either, being sourced from all over Asia. Their specialty, however is the Milanese Panettone which is hand made. Apart from having a lovely and indulgent ambiance they also boast a gift shop and wine cellar.

Café de Paris Monte-Carlo, One of The Best Espresso Lounges in Monaco

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