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The Barbershop’s Best Tips to The Perfect Shave

The Barbershop’s Best Tips to The Perfect Shave

The Barbershop’s Best Tips to The Perfect Shave

A Perfect Barber Style Shave Starts With a Heated Towel

The Gentleman’s Shave at Truefitt & Hill, London

The Razor or the original Straight Razor don’t make much of a difference when it comes to close shaving. What makes a difference is hot and cold towels, lubrication foam, shaving gel and the different directions of your beard. Here’s a few tips from the barbershop professional to help you with the perfect shave at home.

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Use a Heated and Damp Towel

Start by laying a wet, heated and clean towel over your face for about 10-15 minutes. It will open the pores of the skin and your beard stubbles will rise which makes it easier for the razor blade to get a proper grip during your shave.

Apply Shaving Foam or Shaving Gel

Now it’s time to apply shaving foam or gel that is massaged around the skin in circular motions. That way, you get your hair to frizz even more, and you achieve the ultimate closest shave with your razor or razor blades.

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Shave in The Same Direction

You may not know all the directions for each hair, so the most common are the following. If you have a classic beard, then you shave south on the cheeks, north on the neck, from the jawbone you scrape in towards the chin. On the upper lip, scrape to the south and obliquely towards the corner of the mouth, before finally giving the razor a small notch upwards with the razor.

If you use a traditional Straight Razor, you must be very careful: The blade must run carefully in a completely straight path, where you finally let it go the skin with a clean lift. Completely avoid pulling the blade sideways.

Cool Down & Close Up With a Cold Towel

The end of your shave is just as important as the beginning.
To close the pores again, finish your home-style barbershop shaving with a cold towel.

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If you do not close the pores again after shaving, your skin will be more susceptible to bacteria and dirty particles that can quickly turn into an unwanted and ugly beard plague.

You can put a clean and cooled towel over the face, alternatively a quick “ice bath” for the face with cold water. Once you have closed the pores again, finish with your favourite aftershave appropriate for the occasion of shaving.

The Gent’s from “Gentleman’s Guide Expo” have made a useful video together with the barber Rick Ricci from Truefitt & Hill Barbershop, Luxury Men’s Grooming in London and barbers of the British Royal Family.

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