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Scents That Attract Women & Keeps The Flirt Alive

Scents That Attract Women & Keeps The Flirt Alive


Seductive Moments Between Queens & Kings

The right scent is part of the seduction game when attracting the dream women of your life, scents and notes makes the difference being the king of the night when going out, or simply just to keep igniting the flirting days with your loved women, while taking her back to the day you met. Scents awaken memories and creates sparkling new moments.

Keep Your Flirt Alive

Attracting the dream women of your life is not just a one night mission, keeping long lasting relationships alive is playful game of sparkling the love every day, igniting playful moments and creating new ones such a making your women feel like the day you captured her hart the first time. Scents have an important role in loveable moments for your loved women, as well the importance of giving the statement of who you are as a man in everyday life.

Notes Women Are Attracted to The Most

Notes of Lavender & Lavadin

Scents such as Lavender and Lavandin tends to make women relax, leading to increased feelings of arousal. Lavandin has a powerful lavender scent, with an herbal, camphor-like undertone. Lavandula angustifolia is what many people in the aromatherapy industry refer to as “true” lavender, though technically all plants in the Lavandula genus are in fact true lavenders. Similar to wood, plants give you a variety of scents and tones like herbs, spices, grasses, and flowers spicing up the attractiveness of the perfume. Oils made from plants can also help increase your appeal, including patchouli and lavender.

Notes of Tobacco

Though the smell of someone smoking is far from appealing, one of the more commonly used plants for fragrances is the tobacco plant. Tobacco usually gives an air of masculinity, warmth, and smoothness resulting in a rich, earthy smell securing natural and seductive notes to a fragrance.

Notes of Wood

The scent of wood has a calming effect and energy balance in the body, inspire the spirit, often used in Essential oils for aromatherapy, the scent of wood has a calming effect and energy balance for the body. In fragrances you’ll often find Cedar Wood, Sandal Wood or Oud Wood as notes as ingredients, to the top rated perfumes women are most attracted to. Perfumes with a base of Wood, gives warmth and depth to the scent.

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Notes of Citruses

Fragrances with citruses are characterized by their lively, pleasing and fresh notes. Whatever kind of citrus you choose, it’s definitely a scent that screams natural energy, citruses provides a refreshing and effervescent top note that tickles with pleasure and brings air of optimism and easy of elegance to the man who wear it. Citrus fruits are can be notes oranges, clementine, grapefruit, lemons or blood oranges. You’ll also find that citrusy raw materials like lemongrass, verbena or bergamot. Fragrances that open with zesty citrus notes gives an energetic fusion and sparkling bite that ignite women’s subconscious desires.

Secrets to Seduce & Stay Confident

When choosing your next bottle of seductive drops, look for some of the choices with these seductive secrets to the final touch of keeping everyday life alive, not only will you have a few more secrets to your woman’s heart, a well chosen fragrance will make you feel good and support your self confidence in any moment of the day.

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