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Practical Tips for Buying a Jewel for a Woman

Practical Tips for Buying a Jewel for a Woman

Believe it or not, for most women the love of a man is measured by how much money he spends on her…

Do you want to surprise your girl but you don’t know how to do it?

Have you thought of a jewel and have no idea which one to choose? More complicated still, do you think that the time has come to propose marriage to her and are you afraid of failing in the choice of the engagement ring?

Keep reading this article, so that you get that special gift right and turn it into an eternal memory.

Here are 4 practical tips for buying a jewel for a woman:

  • Any excuse is good to gift your girl with a jewel, a jewel is forever and any excuse is good to give it to that person you love so much. A ring, a bracelet, a pendant or some earrings, chosen with care and love, are ideal for a birthday, an anniversary or any other celebration.
  • Get it right with the metal, the colour and the size. It is important that you look closely at the metal with which a piece is carved, especially taking into account its colour and quality. Gold, for example, can be yellow, white, pink and even other shades depending on the alloy, and its purity will depend on the number of carats it has.
Watch Kay’s guide about how to pick the perfect jewellery for her…
  • The stone is the added value. It is a matter of taste and budget. If you want to do your best and you think that a precious stone will be for your girl like the icing on a perfect cake, go ahead. The main ones are ruby, sapphire and emerald, although the most used in jewellery is diamond, whose quality depends on colour, purity, weight and size.
  • Women love expensive jewellery. Yes, this is true! A woman would rather get one small fine expensive jewellery than having hundreds of fake or cheap ones, meaning, that it’s better that you be a gentleman and surprise her with good quality jewel than looking like someone who has no clue about what women really like.

Jewellery has the power to be that little thing that make a woman feel unique…

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A little secret and a tip for you…

Women love Diamonds, there’s no escaping this fact, there is no denying it.

Diamonds have the power to mesmerize any woman with its splendour and sparkle. It’s a status symbol and signifies endless love. Throughout centuries diamonds have been collected and presented as luxurious gifts. Keep in mind that women desire to own diamonds and wear them.

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