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One Of The Best Giorgio Armani Fragrances For Men
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One Of The Best Giorgio Armani Fragrances For Men

One Of The Best Giorgio Armani Fragrances For Men

When you think of Giorgio Armani fragrances, you can only conjure up images of classic Italian finesse, in clothes and fragrances alike. Armani has a terrific perfume line for men. The line represents distinctive quality and unique style. Armani fragrances create lasting impressions. Bestsellers include Armani Code and Acqua Di Gio, which have been around for years. Nonetheless, more Armani fragrances and colognes exist that spell perfection, but enough credit. It’s worth exploring these too.

Georgio Armani Code Profumo EDP

Sprung from the original Code perfume, this fragrance has remnants of its parent but is sweeter and warmer. It’s great for winter and exudes all the charm of the holidays. The fragrance opens with amber and tonka bean aromas, only to be followed by herbal influences, mandarin orange, and plush leather. 

Profumo opens up with tonka bean and amber. The scent remains on your skin for almost 10 hours straight with a robust silage. 

Darker and Deeper 

An excellent spin-off from the one and only original Acqua di Gio, ADG Profumo, goes beyond the expectations of the original. An aquatic fragrance with a dark side combines appealing spices and smoky undertones. It gives you the impression of a very high-standard incense stick. What you feel when you wear this signature fragrance from Armani is pure luxury. 

Profumo takes on deep sea and bergamot notes at the start. The composition translates to summer spent on coasts but with a masculinity that exceeds its predecessor. Sage, marine salty elements, sage, and rosemary combine to produce the additional heft. This is an excellent fragrance.

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Giorgio Armani Diamonds Are Forever

Unique, sweet, and woody, Emporio Armani Diamonds is a spicy and heady mix of a fragrance. You get the distinct tone of bergamot and cocoa bean from the top. Then you begin to notice an amber scent. Wrapped in the comfort of the amber is a warm citrus and cacao blend, something that feels fresh yet familiar. In the beginning, the bergamot is unmistakable, but this gradually gives way to sweet cocoa with a woody cologne. You can also get hints of Sichuan pepper. The fragrance is dry, without any heaviness. Furthermore, it is long-lasting and leaves a distinct whiff as you pass by. 

Giorgio Armani – More Blue, More Citrus

In a recent release, compared to the traditional Armani lot, Acqua Di Gio Profondo has surpassed Profumo. In terms of its lightweight, it seems more zesty and lively. The blue vibe exists, but it’s more fun than serious. Profondo appears to kick off with a mix of citrus flair, intense freshness, and rosemary spice. This is not a smoky scent but a fruity fragrance that is lightly aquatic and full of citrus tones. 


Courtesy of Rotten Rebel & Sandra Salomon Fragrance
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