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Men’s Sunglasses & How to Choose The Best for You
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Men’s Sunglasses & How to Choose The Best for You

Top Men's Sunglasses - Man Waring Sunglasses

Types of Men’s Sunglasses 

Top fashion icons around the world agree that men’s sunglasses can make or break the deal for any man when choosing his sunglasses. Anyone, gentleman or not can change his appearance and shoot up his glamour in a couple of seconds. All you have to do is to wear your sunglasses, and the right ones who are the best for you. And lo! Your style quotient has shot up 10 times.

But what sunglasses should you wear? There are so many types out there, and it might take a while for you to choose the right one for you. Here’s a quick guide broadly based on your mood at a particular moment:

Evergreen Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses – Most men wanted to be a pilot when they grew up, one of the top womanizing looks attracting attention from women all over the world. No wonder, Aviator sunglasses are the go-to type for almost all men and gentlemen. Even more so, when you can’t decide which one suits your face. They are the evergreen trend, and a great investment, especially if your face has a square, oval or heart-shape. With the trademark teardrop lens, you could select from different materials like light alloys, top quality plastic or newer composites.

Wayfarer Sunglasses – These are among the more popular sunglasses with a lot of individual variations among brands. And why not? The trapezoidal-shaped Wayfarers are so cool that you ought to buy a pair regardless of the shape of your face.

Cat-Eye– Create a smart, mild retro look with options to look like the bookish type. Or do you want to be a bit dramatic with over-sized frames? Either way, you should pick up the Cat-Eye sunglasses. You could match these sunglasses with your swept up hairdo and hang out with your fellow gentlemen.

Wraparound – When sport is your first passion, you might want something durable. These wraparound sunglasses can curve around your face and offer extra peripheral protection. You can choose among many high-performance materials that help reduce glare and protect your eyes during your long hours outdoors.

Retro Sunglasses

Square – If you have an oval or a round face, reach out and grab square sunglasses with the straight brow line. Pick a pair of oversized frames to add a vintage touch.

Round– The ever-reliable shape of sunglasses for your square face. Not only are these shapes versatile, they are also timeless. You could create quite a few variations with thick or thin rims with split frames.

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Clubmaster Silhouette – Of late, these styles have been seen making a comeback from their peak during the 1960s. You could pair these round sunglasses with thin frames and a distinct bridge. Rest assured, there is always a wow factor with these sunglasses.

Wrap up

You may want to invest in a few of the above types of sunglasses and grab a suitable one for each occasion. 

The Best Men’s Sunglasses For Your Face Shape with Ashley Weston

Courtesy of Ashley Weston at Men’s Fashioner

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