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La Prairie, Is The Golden Gift Better Than Diamonds?
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La Prairie, Is The Golden Gift Better Than Diamonds?

La Prairie, Is The Golden Gift Better Than Diamonds?

A Gift Almost Better Than Diamonds

Women will crave diamonds, gold and jewelleries more than almost everything on earth. Besides true love, sincere attention, La Prairie and appreciation you’ll have a difficult time to find better gifts or small surprises for your woman than warm love or shiny diamonds, or will you?

From the crown of the Alps in Switzerland, captivating beauty secrets are hidden that will give most women soft knees and smiles so big that even the biggest diamonds will struggle to shine through the shadows of the Pure Gold Collection from La Prairie, the Swiss luxury skincare that brings you the golden hour when beauty is elevated to grace, the grace of the golden hour in the crown of the Alps.

Here’s a little something on the top of women’s wish list.

Timeless Beauty – Pure Gold Diffusion

La Prairie has a range of ingredients, from Caviar to Gold, and with the Pure Gold Collection, gold particles are deposited on the surface of the skin for an instant radiance. Besides most men will be clueless about the world of skincare treatments, products and ingredients, all Women will know the tiny details, benefits and results from the science behind La Prairie various collections.

One thing is for sure, wether it be the next little weekend surprise, Christmas gift or birthday, you’ll be sure to have a happy receiver of the gift when the packaging is revealed from one of the world’s mot luxurious skincare brands.

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Beauty Elevated to Grace

If your lady is not already takes you hand and walk through the La Prairie stands in shopping malls, airports and departments stores to secretly nudge you for later gift ideas and let you know she likes it – she’ll for sure do that soon, especially after the first touch, feel or try of this extraordinary skincare brand, just applying the creams and products will be like a luxury spa experience every time applied, and she’ll be happy to swap some of the future diamond gifts with luxury collections originated from Swiss Alps.

La Prairie- Pure Gold Collection

Courtesy of La Prairie

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