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Iconic Men’s Shirts & How to Choose The Best for You
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Iconic Men’s Shirts & How to Choose The Best for You

Iconic Men’s Shirts & How to Choose The Best for You

Four of The Most Popular Men’s Shirts

As a man who likes to create an impression with your style, you should have a few of most iconic men’s shirts that you will be proud to own and wear. There are different types of shirts for men, and you might be having some of these staple dressing items. But you should know when to wear each type and the absolute must-have types for every gentleman.

Whatever profession you are in, collect the following shirts. It will help you stay prepared for all events and occasions. 

OCBD – Oxford Button-Down Men’s Shirts

You must own an OCBD or Oxford Button-Down Shirt. This is a casual shirt which has half its name from the fabric ‘Oxford cloth‘  which is used to make it. The second half is quite obviously a reference to the buttons which help in keeping the collars properly. The casual shirt made with a slightly thick fabric was first made in 1896 by John Brooks. It instantly gained popularity because you can wear an OCBD to workplaces or weddings. Wear darker colors for a casual look and lighter shades for a formal look.

Dress Shirt

When you want to look simple yet make a style statement, you should put on a dress shirt. It is also thicker than classic shirts, but celebrities wear them too. Jazz up your look by pairing a dress shirt with stylish cuff links, a 3-piece suit/tuxedo, and an impressive bow tie. You are going to receive an array of compliments on any social events when you wear this shirt having cut-away or wing collars and French cuffs.

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Flannel Shirt

You can look high-class while dressing casually. All you need is a widely popular checkered flannel shirt. When you want to dress fashionably but not put in a lot of effort, throw on a flannel shirt over a tee to create an effortlessly chic look. The layering will keep you warm too. But a flannel shirt is not ideal for formal occasions. Wear it while traveling, on a picnic, or chilling with others. A flannel shirt is made with wool or cotton. Pair a flannel with denim pants, and you will turn heads. 

Cuban Collar Shirt

The last type on this list of the essential and best types of shirts is a Cuban collar shirt. These shirts are perfect for hot days and are inspired by 50s fashion. A boxy fit and open collar are things that distinguish these shirts from other types. They have a button-up front and a straight hem. Avoid this shirt for formal events, but dress up with it for casual events. Wear a pair of jeans, chinos, or shorts and look your casual best. 

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