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How To Choose The Right Outfit that Suits Your Affluence

How To Choose The Right Outfit that Suits Your Affluence

A well and a hand-made suit are the sign of a true gentleman.

On most occasions, you might be busy waiting to get your suit tailored especially for you, or you might want to have “Ready-to-wear” garments for your daily events while feeling comfortable and fashionable, keeping in mind that any chosen garment should enhance your silhouette to the maximum.

Finding your style

The Secrets Of A Well-Fitting Italian Suit | MR PORTER

In fashion, one of the most important things is to find your style. Trends are references, but that does not mean it is essential to adopt everything that appears on the catwalks. It is nicer to have your style.

Trying out new styles is can open up your mind to new experiences. With time, fashion changes and tastes also, so, normally, little by little, you change the way you dress; however, classic garments last forever.

Fashion goes out of style, style never

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Style refers to a particular way of doing, dressing or speaking. The style is built from taking what exists and using it by adding a specific element that makes it different. Style comes from within, and that manifests as part of your identity—specifically speaking of clothing style. Whether consciously or unconsciously, your particular way of dressing constitutes a style in itself.

Key features of a Real Bespoke Suit – Prakash Parmar 
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