How To Choose The Best Tweed Suit?

How To Choose The Best Tweed Suit?

Is The Tweed Suit Making A Comeback In The 21st Century?

During recent seasons, the tweed suit have grown in popularity as a potential substitute for classic cotton and linen outfits. It has a sophisticated, aesthetic style and appearance that cannot be demonstrated elsewhere. Tweeds have been present since the 1700s, however, they are trending nowadays because of the change in lifestyle, fashion, and their unique texture.  

Tweed is a woolen textile distinguished by a distinct fabrication process in which the patterns mimic cheviot. Tweed is classy and polished, and it offers a unique touch to your standard suit. When you want to stick out from the sea of suit wearers, you should invest in a tweed suit (or two). It was designed and built-in Scotland in the late 1700s, mostly for agricultural as well as other outdoor tasks. Winters and falls are the best seasons to take these tweed suits out of your wardrobe. They are versatile, eye-catching, and wearable on professional as well as casual occasions.  Winter and fall are the greatest seasons to pull these tweed suits out of your closet. They are adaptable and wearable for both professional and casual events.

Picking The Best Tweed Suit

There are several factors the wearer needs to check for while purchasing a tweed suit. When picking good a tweed suit, choose a color that is perfect for the event. Complement it with brooches, a hat, a tie, a vest, or noticeable cuffs to your suit to create an outstanding impression. Tweed suits are the ideal attire for any event. Also, when picking good a tweed suit, pick a color that is perfect for the event. 

You can achieve a sleek, original, flawless, and natural style by taking colors from the suit and portraying them in shirts, collars, pocket squares, or t-shirts. But when you couldn’t pull a color precisely from the blazer, natural hues go well together. Given that tweed was most widely worn in the fall and winter, you can easily swap out the t-shirt with a sweatshirt or a sweater. 

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Things To Consider When Wearing A Tweed Suit

Dress your pants higher on the waistline to portray longer legs. Check if the shoulder of the suit has adequate room for you to roam around without experiencing restriction. Padding must stop where the shoulders have. The blazer must also fall over your shoulders with sleeves falling straight down. Wearing boots or oxford-style shoes acts as an icing on the cake that adds value to your outfit.  

After all, any suit suits the best when they are the perfect fit. 

How To Wear Tweed (The Art Of Dressing) with Peter Christian

Courtesy of Peter Christian – Gentlemen’s Outfitters
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