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How To Choose Between Bespoke Suits And Ready To Wear Suits?
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How To Choose Between Bespoke Suits And Ready To Wear Suits?

What is a Bespoke Suit - How To Choose Between Bespoke Suits And Ready To Wear Suits?

It is an undeniable fact that suits are the perfect gentleman’s wear. You can wear suits whether the occasion is formal, semi-formal, or even casual. You have primary two options when it comes to getting suits for yourself.

The first one is simple. Walk in to a store. Choose the suit of your choice that fits you, also known as OTR Suits or Off The Rack Suits. These are ready made suits that you can wear immediately. The other option is to get a bespoke suit that is made as per your requirements to fit you.

Which of these is the best option? Read on to know the answer.

Ready to Wear Suits

  • These are suits that are mass produced. They are made as per standard sizes.
  • You are most likely to find a suit that fits you. The suits would be available in different colors, and you will definitely find one that matches your needs.
  • However, if you are looking for the perfect fit, you may face a problem with ready to wear suits. If your body type does not fit in to the standard specs, getting the right fit could be a problem.
  • If you are looking for advice on choosing the best suit, you are unlikely to get it. The store assistant may not be qualified to advise you.
  • If you have any specific requirements or want something unique, you won’t find it. These suits are the same that everyone wear and won’t make you stand out.

Bespoke Suit

  • Bespoke suits are not tailored suits. Tailored suits are made to measure suits stitched based on your measurements. The tailor uses available material to make a fitting.
  • Bespoke suits are different since you have complete control over the type of suit you want. You can choose the material, the design, and even the type of buttons used. The suit is completely customized as per your needs and will fit you perfectly.
  • These suits are meant for the discerning customer who is affluent and prefers luxury products. 
  • Bespoke suits are handmade. It would take a little more time to produce but the overall effect would be great. 
  • When you get a bespoke suit, the tailor is qualified to advise you. This can ensure you get the perfect suit that meets all your requirements. The tailor who makes the bespoke suit can guide you to choose the fabric and color. The measurements are taken meticulously to ensure it is a super perfect fit. 
  • Creating a bespoke suit is an art. The tailor needs to be experienced and is comparable to an artist. 

3 Different Types Of Suits – Off The Rack, Made To Measure & Bespoke Suits

Courtesy of Brian Sacawa from He Spoke Style
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