History Of The Pinstripe Suit

History Of The Pinstripe Suit

The Pinstripe Suit origins can be found around the end of the 19th century. It is a classic and evergreen piece of fashion and has constantly remained in vogue. It was created by the Britishers, who are appreciated worldwide for their impeccable sense of style. Inspired by British fashion, the pinstripe suit instantly became popular with those men who wanted sophistication and class in their outfits. It later became a popular fashion choice among women as well. 

Origin of the Pinstripe Suit:

There is a certain degree of controversy revolving around the origin of the pinstripe suit. While it was definitely a British invention, there is a prevailing uncertainty regarding the occupational emergence of the suit.

It is suggested that the pinstripe suit was first seen in the world of banking. This school of thought believes that the pinstripe suit acted as a uniform for the English Victorian Bankers. The employees from different banks could be identified by identifying the different kinds of strips and their thickness. 

It is also suggested that the pinstripe suit was seen in popular water sporting events. It is suggested that the pinstripes were popularised by the striped uniforms that were worn by men who enjoyed water sports, such as boating.

Banks and boating were both popular around that time, which is why both theories are equally credible.

The Rise of the Pinstripe Suit:

The pinstripe suit gained popularity once it began to be worn across the Atlantic. It took the American culture by storm. The pinstripe suit became very popular during the prohibition period. It was such a popular choice because it allowed the wearer to make a bold statement and also stand out from the gentry. Due to this, it was very popular among celebrities and gained more popularity among the masses when huge celebrities like Cary Grant and Clark Gable wore them. The pinstripe suit was popular among gagsters as well, the most famous one being Al Capone. 

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Winston Churchill was also another legendary wearer of the pinstripe suit. He wore these suits throughout his tenure as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His Siren Suit is one of the most popular pinstripe suits in history.

Pinstripe Suits in Modern Day Fashion:

The pinstripe suit has remained an integral part of modern fashion. It has surpassed the notion of gender and has become a popular style option for both men and women. It is popularly worn in the business world. 

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