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History Of The Exclusive Ralph Lauren Purple Label
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History Of The Exclusive Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Fashion - Ralph Lauren Purple Label - History Of The Exclusive Ralph Lauren Purple Label - RL

Ralph Lauren, a prominent name in American fashion, introduced the Ralph Lauren Purple Label in 1994, elevating luxury in menswear. This exclusive line offers limited-edition, high-end products crafted from finer materials.

Priced to compete with haute couture brands, it features tailored suits, accessories, and furnishings, all meticulously handcrafted in Italy.

With an emphasis on quality and backed by Ralph Lauren’s reputation, Purple Label has become a symbol of luxury within a trusted household name, appealing to discerning consumers seeking the epitome of American elegance.

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Ralph Lauren Purple Label, introduced in 1994, represents the pinnacle of luxury in menswear, offering limited-edition, high-end products crafted from premium materials.

This exclusive collection is known for its meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, with products often handcrafted in Italy to meet the highest standards.

Priced to compete with haute couture brands, Ralph Lauren Purple Label appeals to discerning consumers seeking the epitome of American elegance, backed by Ralph Lauren’s renowned reputation in the fashion industry.

What is Ralph Lauren Purple Label?

In the late 60s, fashion had a revival with the emergence of the prestigious all-American Ralph Lauren brand. The brand, today, sells everything from clothes and shoes, to handbags and clothes. It is also famous for its perfumes. Within the broad banner of “Ralph Lauren“, there exist a number of sub-brands, Polo being the most popular.

The Ralph Lauren Purple Label, under the helm of Ralph Lauren, is a pinnacle of the brand’s offerings. It features limited-edition, exclusive luxury products, priced higher than standard Ralph Lauren creations. Furthermore, the products under the Purple Label are made of finer and richer material. 

A Little History

To know about the Purple Label, it is essential to know about Ralph Lauren and his advent into the world of fashion. When he was almost 30 years of age, Ralph Lauren entered the New York fashion arena, and soon, people couldn’t stop talking about him.

The designer started as a salesman after a brief period in the US Army, then began to design men’s ties. Most of his fashion, influenced by his love of sports, bring more than a dozen brands gracing his corporation today. The most eminent of these is Polo Ralph Lauren and Double RL. 

The Ralph Lauren Purple Label

In 1994, the Purple Label was launched. This caters to the elegant male who wishes to wear high-quality clothing. The collection of clothes under this label features tailored suits and high-end luggage. Seeing the need for a more exclusive line, this focuses on exclusive accessories and furnishing products too.

The Purple Label by Ralph Lauren is the most distinctive in his collection, with products that transcend quality standards. For instance, to compete with haute couture brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci, the products of the Purple Label are priced accordingly. A shirt may cost around four hundred to seven hundred dollars. 

The attention to detail is second to none. Furthermore, with goods handcrafted in Italy, this is what makes them a niche exclusive market. Most discerning consumers are willing to pay a premium for quality of the highest standards. With years of Ralph Lauren branding backing the label, fashion aficionados are quick to grab these.

The main idea behind this line, when it was created, was to promote a luxury brand within a reliable household name. Primarily for Americans to buy from an American designer (rather than turn their sights towards Italian and French couturiers), Ralph Lauren Purple took root. 

Ralph Lauren Purple Label – Well Dressed Gentlemen

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Labels Under The Ralph Lauren Brand

The Ralph Lauren Corporation encompasses several labels and sub-brands, each catering to different styles, price points, and market segments. Some of the key labels and collections under the Ralph Lauren brand include:

Ralph Lauren Purple Label

This is the pinnacle of Ralph Lauren’s offerings, known for its exclusive luxury products, premium materials, and meticulous craftsmanship.

Polo Ralph Lauren

One of the most popular and widely recognized labels, Polo Ralph Lauren offers a wide range of classic and sporty apparel, including polo shirts, casual wear, and accessories.

Ralph Lauren

The standard Ralph Lauren label features a broad range of clothing and accessories with a focus on classic American styles and designs. It often represents a more affordable option compared to the Purple Label and Polo Ralph Lauren.

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Ralph Lauren Collection

This label focuses on high-end women’s fashion, offering a range of luxurious clothing, including eveningwear, dresses, and accessories.

Double RL (RRL)

This label caters to those who appreciate vintage-inspired, rugged, and workwear-inspired clothing. It often features denim, leather goods, and heritage-inspired pieces.

Lauren Ralph Lauren

Positioned as a more accessible and affordable option within the Ralph Lauren brand, Lauren Ralph Lauren offers a wide variety of women’s clothing, including dresses, sportswear, and accessories.

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

This label, aimed at a younger demographic, offers casual and trendy clothing, including jeans, graphic tees, and streetwear-inspired items.


Chaps is a brand that falls under the Ralph Lauren Corporation but is distinct from the main Ralph Lauren label. It focuses on affordable, casual, and classic clothing for both men and women.

Ralph Lauren Home

This collection includes a wide range of home furnishings and decor items, allowing customers to bring the Ralph Lauren aesthetic into their living spaces.

These labels and collections provide a diverse range of options, catering to various fashion tastes, budgets, and lifestyle needs. Each label has its unique style and positioning within the Ralph Lauren brand, making it possible for a wide range of consumers to find products that align with their preferences.


The Ralph Lauren Purple Label stands as a testament to Ralph Lauren’s enduring legacy in American fashion. Introduced in 1994, this exclusive collection represents the pinnacle of luxury in menswear.

With limited-edition, meticulously crafted products made from the finest materials and a commitment to quality, Purple Label has earned its place among haute couture brands. Priced to compete with the best in the industry, it caters to discerning consumers seeking the epitome of American elegance.

Backed by Ralph Lauren’s reputation and attention to detail, the Purple Label continues to be a symbol of luxury within a trusted household name, offering an exclusive and refined fashion experience.

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