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Grand Vividus, The World’s Most Exclusive Bed

Grand Vividus, The World’s Most Exclusive Bed

Grand Vividus

The Grand Vividus Exudes Luxury, Quality & Design Without Compromise

Hästens has teamed up with world renowned master designer Ferris Rafauli to launch an exclusive collaboration, Grand Vividus, which represents a new level of comfort, craftsmanship and luxury, drawing on our expertise gained since 1852.

Entirely built by hand by Hästens´ most esteemed craftsmen, in the manufacturing facility in Köping, Sweden to become a work of art for the bedroom.

Rafauli, known in the design world for his innovative projects and luxury home creation for elite clients around the world, took inspiration from Hästens’ heritage and long history as bed and saddle-makers to create the Grand Vividus. The result is a continental bed combining a timeless and classic design with Rafauli’s unique style.

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Worlds Most Expensive Bed by Ferris Rafauli

Courtesy of Ferris Rafauli

Master Craftmanship

Grand Vividus is adorned with an impressive name plate. All leather details are also secured by hand with golden brass studs. This richly textured hide has symbolized the pinnacle of sophistication and luxury for many centuries. Rafauli has revived this exclusive leather, using it on the corners and decorative handles. Reminiscent of the buckles and studs on horse saddles and our lineage as saddle-maker to the Swedish Royal Court.

Ferris Rafauli is the trues master in designing ultimate luxury products. He has the senes and deep understanding of Hästens history and have helped the bed of all times to design the ultimate black shadow of luxury for the bedroom. The bed that deserves no cover, and is a masterpiece in itself for the person who respects the wellbeing of quality in life. Learn more about Ferris Rafauli here:

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