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Fragrance Notes, The Secrets Behind All The Best Perfumes
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Fragrance Notes, The Secrets Behind All The Best Perfumes


Fragrance Notes Explained

Perfumes often becomes the signature scent of an individual, and most people without knowing why, or what the role of fragrance notes have. Three perfume notes are the secrets in making your favourite fragrances. An amalgamation of the top, heart, and base notes has led to the best selling fragrances of all times, and most likely, those fragrance that you now love the most, are not your most loved and most used fragrances by coincidence, it’s strategic science.

Each note has its components, and are well crafted into a symphony of notes that triggers deep emotions, memories and feeling without actually noticing why you keep buying them.

All You Need to Know About Perfume Notes 

Different ingredients make up each layer of perfume. Every perfume that you find in the market has been prepared by adding all three notes. The unique smell of a perfume depends on the combination of the different notes. 

The Base Fragrance Notes

In a fragrance pyramid, the base notes come at the bottom. The scent of the base notes evaporates very slowly and lingers the longest. You will be able to smell the base notes after the scent of the top notes vanishes. It can be between thirty minutes to an hour before you get a whiff of the base note.

Base notes usually have a vanilla or musk scent, and you can smell it easily for up to 6 hours. The mix of the base notes and the middle notes forms the actual scent of a perfume. Rich notes like musk, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, etc. are popular base notes because their smell lasts long. 

The Middle Fragrance Notes

The notes in the middle of the pyramid are the heart notes. The scent of these notes makes up more than 50% of the smell of perfume, The components of the heart notes establish the foundation of a fragrance. The heart notes dominate the perfume and are full-bodied fragrances. They evaporate at a medium pace. The scent of the medium notes is mostly cinnamon or jasmine and stays anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes. Some of the most used middle notes are rose, lemongrass, cinnamon, and other well-rounded fragrances. 

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The Top Notes

The top notes are at the apex and the quickest to evaporate. Scents like citrus and lavender build the top notes. These stay on for only about 5 to 15 minutes and are the lightest notes. Whenever you apply perfume, the scent of this note first hits your nose. These are also called the ‘head notes’ or ‘opening notes’ and mostly you end up buying a perfume taken in by how these notes smell. Fruity and citrus notes are popular top notes, and they are what attract you to the perfume at the first spray. 

Fragrance Notes Explained – The Story of Fragrances

Courtesy of Fragrance Creators Association

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