Four of The Best Savile Row Bespoke Tailors in London

Four of The Best Savile Row Bespoke Tailors in London

London’s Best Savile Row Tailors

Savile Row, in Mayfair, central London is the Mecca of bespoke tailors and luxury men’s tailoring. It is in fact so famous for its suits that the Japanese word for suit, ‘Sebiru’ is a mispronunciation of the word Savile row. ‘The suit maketh the man’ and this is where you can come to find the finest bespoke suits.

Home to some of the oldest, most distinguished tailors in the world, the 300-meter street has counted such luminaries as Winston Churchill, Napoleon III and Muhammad Ali Jinnah in its clientele. Take a look at some of the best tailors who’ll help you dress to the nines. 

Huntsman & Sons, Bespoke Tailors at Savile Row

11 Savile Row

Started in 1849 by Henry Huntsman, Huntsman & Sons is one of the longest standing Savile Row tailors. While it started primarily producing equestrian wear, as was the norm at the time, it is now known for its client focused innovative designs. Such innovation on a street steeped heavily in tradition is what The Huntsman prides itself on. Apart from bespoke tailoring for men and women, it also provides ready to wear seasonal formals. It is very well known for its tweed collection.

Henry Poole & Co, Bespoke Tailors at Savile Row

15 Savile Row

The legendary first tailor of Savile Row. Started by Henry Poole in 1846, and handed down to his cousin Samuel Cundey, the firm has remained a family business ever since. It is credited with inventing the Tuxedo or dinner jacket for The Prince of Wales in 1865. This famous seamster not only boasts a collection of thousands of fine fabrics to choose from but also accessories such as coat pins, cufflinks, scarves and umbrellas.

Gieves & Hawkes, Bespoke Tailors at Savile Row

1 Savile Row

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Known historically as a military tailor, this firm located firmly at no.1 Savile Row still boasts a strong foundation in tradition. Their bespoke suits often combine the two styles they are best known for with elegance. Apart from suits, they also have a casual section for ready to wear sweaters, polo necks and the like.

Ozwald Boateng, Bespoke Tailors at Savile Row

30 Savile Row

The one tailor on the list that breaks from tradition and makes a statement. Do not expect traditionally cut suits in somber colors here. Ozwald is well known for his penchant to push boundaries, and you’ll frequently find suits here ranging in colors from orange to green. If you are looking for something to catch the eye, this is the place for you.

Why Is This The Oldest Bespoke Suit Maker On Savile Row?
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