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Fleurs de Jardin Pink Sapphires

Fleurs de Jardin Pink Sapphires

The Fleurs de Jardin Flying Tourbillon

Underlying all this beauty lies the legendary timepiece workmanship for which Jacob & Co. is famous for, including the vertical Astronomia double-axis flying tourbillon movement, which makes a full clockwise revolution in 10 minutes around the central axis, while it rotates on itself once every 60 seconds.

Clockwise & Counterclockwise

The Fleurs de Jardin is comprised of elements above and on the base dial which turn both clockwise and counterclockwise. Above the dial is the flying tourbillon, the time display and a frame holding three gemstone flowers, which turns clockwise in ten minutes. An additional gemstone flower turns counterclockwise while going around the dial in ten minutes as well.

The time display uses a patented Differential Gears System that allows the 12/6 o’clock to remain in the correct position regardless of where it is in the rotation.

On the base dial, the mother-of-pearl (or diamond-set in some versions) middle section set with gemstone flowers, turns counter-clockwise in ten minutes, while the inner gem-set ring turns clockwise in ten minutes.

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