Martín Lozano

Meet Martin Lozano, the visionary Founder of The Gentleman’sLife Magazine. Fueled by a passion for excellence, he redefined luxury lifestyle publications, giving rise to the ultimate guide for sophisticated living. Martin's commitment to quality, success, and authenticity is reflected in every aspect, from fragrances to elegant suits, exclusive lounges to luxury travel experiences. With a team of passionate writers, he empowers a community of modern gentlemen, sharing the pursuit of excellence.

Kevin Olsson

Meet Kevin Olsson, The Gentleman’sLife Magazine's automotive aficionado, with a special passion for classic cars. Kevin's expertise transcends the ordinary, as he navigates the timeless realm of automotive elegance. A connoisseur of vintage charm and mechanical artistry, he shares insights that transport readers into the world of iconic vehicles. From the purr of a perfectly tuned engine to the allure of vintage design, Kevin's articles capture the essence of classic cars, making him an indispensable guide for every automotive enthusiast.

Miguel Larsson

Introducing Miguel Larsson, the Cigar & Whiskey Expert at The Gentleman’sLife Magazine. With a refined palate and deep appreciation for the art of indulgence, Miguel curates an unparalleled experience for enthusiasts. His expertise extends beyond labels, offering insights into the world of fine cigars and whiskies. Miguel's articles delve into the nuanced flavors and craftsmanship, guiding readers on a journey through the finest pairings and profiles. Elevate your connoisseurship with Miguel's discerning perspective, where every sip and puff becomes a celebration of sophistication.

Emma Born

Emma Born, the discerning Editor-in-Chief of the Women's Wishlist section at Gentleman'sLife Magazine, is a tastemaker in unraveling the secrets of a lady's desires. With a keen eye for elegance and an understanding of timeless charm, Emma guides gentlemen on the nuanced journey of discovering what truly captures a woman's heart. Her insightful curation transcends clichés, offering a refined perspective on fulfilling the wishes that resonate with the modern woman's soul.