6 Of The Best Men’s Fragrances With Highest Sex Appeal for Women

6 Of The Best Men's Fragrances With Highest Sex Appeal for Women

What influence does men’s fragrances have on women? What’s the most desirable trait of a man? Your Charming smile? A Great personality? Your Good looks? 

Absolutely, all the above, but when you delve deeper, you’ll hear women admit to getting weak-kneed by a man’s scent. 

Researchers have now demonstrated that odor can contribute to mood induction as well as arousal changes in humans. According to a Harvard study, aromatic perfumes can trigger a visceral reaction even when just a hint is smelt. 

This can’t be said enough that a man is more about visuals when it comes to sex appeal. While a woman obviously would not mind a treat for the eyes but is more attracted to the smell of a man.

It’s not being stated out of thin air, it is estimated that women are 1000 times more sensitive to musk, an ingredient commonly found in perfumes. Arousal in women is much more likely by ‘sexy’ perfumes containing musk than by male counterparts.  

But how does your body scent enhance the overall sex appeal? Body scents may communicate other traits also which include facial symmetry, testosterone level, and behavioral dominance. Scents associated with facial symmetry and high testosterone levels tended to attract women at high fertility points of ovulation.

Men’s Fragrances With High Sex Appeal

Paco Rabanne Pure XS

Bottled elegance and panache. Paco Rabanne Pure XS is an untamable oriental on-fire and fresh wild with vanilla and salacious myrrh delectable and raw in its purest form. Stunningly decadent and distractingly devastating. Nonchalantly indifferent. Several girls have fallen victim to the spell. Make her experience the most irresistible, sensational & sensual fragrance ever.

Kilian Pure Angles’ Share

Natural caramel color is achieved by adding the essence of Cognac to Angel’s Share. Featuring cognac oil and hints of oak absolute, cinnamon essence, and Tonka bean absolute, the fragrance’s long-lasting notes of sandalwood, praline, and vanilla will leave her wanting more. Angles’ that make all the angles fall from heaven and into your arms (went too far? Wait till you try it).

Gucci Guilty Absolute

With a spritz of this pure potion, let the sensual aroma captivate her all night long. The fragrance is classy, with a touch of sexiness thrown in. An oriental floral scent that invites you to indulge your burning desires with Gucci Guilty Black. It’s created for men who define their own masculinity. Emancipated sexuality and self-expression are the themes of Gucci Guilty Absolute. A fragrance that awakens the deep sensual desires of a woman. 

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Valentino Uomo Intense

Increase the ‘intensity’ of your sex appeal with the desirable fragrance of Valentino Uomo Intense fragrance. Arousal from the smell of your perfume hits differently to a woman. The top notes of this fragrance are clary sage oil and fresh mandarin. In the heart notes, you’ll find iris absolute and tonka bean, resting on a base of vanilla bean and black leather. It is a tale of passion, fearlessness, and strength. Let your fragrance speak for you!

Acqua Di Parma Leather

Among women, fantasy (fantasy/thoughts) is the most important sense that causes arousal during nonsexual activities. Inspired by leather-making tradition and its elegance and sophistication, this fragrance is intense and charismatic. A deep and aromatic composition combining leather notes with Brazilian orange, Sicilian lime, rose and petitgrain creates a sensual unforgettable experience. 

Armani Code Absolu Gold

With its exquisite ingredients and evocative notes, Armani Code Absolu Gold is an oriental spicy cologne unlike anything else on the market. A tangy burst of fruits hits your nose and palate in the opening notes of this fragrance. The heart notes are composed of iris and saffron, whose floral, powdery accords suggest mystery and romance. 

Wrapping up

Let the fragrance do the magic! Perfumes can make you feel like you’re in the summer even in the coldest room. This is the best time to indulge in these erotic scents. It is common for women to develop a heightened sense of smell. Their noses can pick up subtle cues men often miss. It is wise not to go overboard to hide your natural scent, as women are often attracted to a man’s natural smell.  

6 Men’s Fragrances With High Sex Appeal – by Sandra Solomon

Courtesy of Sandra Solomon Fragrances
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