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5 Of The Best Luxurious Cocktail Bars In London
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5 Of The Best Luxurious Cocktail Bars In London

5 Of The Best Luxurious Cocktail Bars In London

Looking for the most luxurious cocktail bars in London? And though you probably already have had your best cocktails served around in London, and surely already have some of your favorite spots to go to you’ll find cocktails for almost any taste, but knowing where to find the new hidden gems of London can be even be more daunting.

There are many choices available to pick from when looking for great cocktails in this capital, and many disappointing places to waste time on as well. Here are some handpicked hidden gems and luxurious cocktail bars in London to check out before ending up in another pub-crawl of average pub’s disguised as wanna-be cocktail bars .

Read ahead and find some of London’s finest mixologists and places to be served, from lounges, fancy hotels to dark and dirty little speakeasies and secret basements to the top party places. Here is a list of London’s best cocktail bars  

Top 5 Luxurious Cocktail Bars In London  

  1. Swift 

This is one of the top cocktail bars in London that offer you the best of both worlds. It offers bars and pubs, Soho, cocktail bars, etc. Its area comes with a light-filled aperitif bar upstairs with a brooding basement downstairs with some whisky library. 

Both of these are offered by a world-class team of drinks. If it is your first date or you are having your first day out with office fellows, you should visit this place. Here you get Sgroppino, a prosecco cocktail filled with lemon sorbet. 

  1. Satan’s Whiskers

Satan’s whiskers is a place that is often counted as one of the best bars in London. It’s attractive due to the upmarket mixed drinks in a devilishly cool and down-to-earth location. The best time to visit this location is to come on a Thursday night as the weekend here starts rather earlier. 

You can expect to have the best cocktails here. You can get the best servings just like you see in the burgeoning booze scene in Bethnal Green’s. 

  1. Tayer + Elementary

This is one of the top cocktail bars in London that can give you the best bar night any day of the week. Two-star bartenders with their hotly anticipated double-part bar are what Elementary is all about. Elementary is on its front, which is a laidback daytime hangout that is serving pre-batched party drinks. 

At the same time, Tayer is on the back, more like a cool hour party with its elevated tipples. You can visit this place any time when you are hungry. Here you can enjoy almost many things as the menu keeps in its evolution phase. Make sure not to miss out on the frozen cocktail in the Elementary. 

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  1. Three Sheets

This is a Diminutive Dalston bar and café the Brothers Noel and Max run while this place is filled with friends. You can visit this place when you are in the mood to fancy some cocktails in a neighborhood and laidback level on a candlelit table. Here you get served seasonal drinks with cute little updates, such as a perfect and pre-batched French 75 poured by a champagne bottle on your table. 

  1. Lyaness

From that one team that brought you the famous Super Lyan, White Lyan, and Dandelyan also comes now the Lyaness. This latest bar by My Lyan occupies that same spot as Dandelyan but also shows you a radical new approach to all cocktails. You can visit this place any time you want to drink in a nerd-out experience. 

Last Words

These are the top luxurious cocktail bars in London that you can enjoy while having your best time in London. These best bars in London will give you one-of-a-kind insight into life in London. So which one are you going to visit now?

Inside The Best Bar In The World: Lyaness

Vide: Courtesy of Lyaness & Forbes
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