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5 Of The Best Christian Dior Aftershaves
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5 Of The Best Christian Dior Aftershaves

5 Of The Best Christian Dior Aftershaves For Men

Christian Dior is a classic French fashion brand that has been redefining luxury fashion trends for ages. You cannot go wrong with the classic Dior cologne when it comes to men’s aftershaves. Here are the top choices for you:

1. Dior Homme

The Dior Homme Collection

Dior Homme, is an all-time favorite and widely used as a signature scent, Dior Homme gives you a warm woody fragrance with musky undertones and a hint of amber. Its natural fragrance makes it stand out among other all other colognes. Bergamot, elemi, and pink pepper form the top notes with white musk at the base. Overall, this luxurious scent can be your best option when choosing a simple and subtle signature perfume.

2. Fahrenheit:

Fahrenheit is one such cologne from Dior that is bound to stand out among the crowd. The intensity of the violet, honeysuckle, and amber gives the perfume a woody yet spicy fragrance. The leathery undertones add a sensual tone to this unique formulation. This critically acclaimed fragrance was first formulated in 1988 and has dominated the market ever since.

3. Dune:

Dior Dune

If you are game for a vintage-style cologne then Dune should be at the top of your list. This fruity perfume first came out in 1997 and has been acclaimed as one best suited for a mature male. Even the design of the bottle comes across as vintage compared to the other designs of Dior colognes. This cologne takes inspiration from the sea. It has oceanic tones with a woody and green twist. Best worn in summer and spring, this scent is known for its longevity.

4. Sauvage:

5 Of The Best Christian Dior Aftershaves For Men
Dior Sauvage

Sauvage is one of the most popular and luxurious colognes for men from the Dior collection. The perfume stands out with its classic citrusy aroma with an undertone of amber. The blue ombre bottle looks as sophisticated as the perfume feels on the skin. The best part about this one is its versatility to be worn both day and night time. Though suggested for summer wear, you can trust this scent all year long. It is the ideal cologne for people who love basic natural background with a few subtle strokes of fierceness.

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5. Homme Intense:

Dior Homme Intense

Homme Intense is a unique and luxurious formulation from the house of Dior. The hint of iris and woody base add to the sensuality of this amazing scent. Described by the founder Francois Demachy himself as a “complex yet intimate” cologne, this can be your ideal choice for nighttime wear. The use of cedar, pear, and musk mallow contribute to the powdey aroma of this cologne. Apart from these exciting tones and hints, the longevity of the cologne is to die for.

Dior is a classic brand giving you that luxury with its subtle tones. Choose one that suits your personality, and you are bound to turn heads.

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Courtesy of Christian Dior
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